Malecon Center santo domingo Apartments For College Students


When you are a college student, you probably have to go away from home for a while and live in the prescribed student dormitories if your college is far away from home. Most adolescents have to experience this and live on their own for the duration of their time in college. Still, there are some people who doesn’t like the student dorms for various reasons:

  • The appointed student dormitories are sometimes not fully furnished and somewhat lacking in facilities so, the students are not really comfortable with the place
  • The place may be too crowded. Some dorms may incorporate many people in one place. Some may include 5 or more persons per room and some students may not like being too overcrowded.
  • The facilities may be priced too much compared to the services it offers.
  • The people in the dorms may not be as friendly as the students expected. The people around may determine how much the student would like to stay in the dorm.

Dorms or Apartments?

All of these factors are really important when considering your dorm. Still some prefer apartments outside the campus. There are many malecon center santo domingo apartments around any college campus, and some offer betterliving conditions for students. Many would consider apartments due to the following reasons:

  • Living in an apartment is closer to living at home. Why? Because an apartment would feel like living in an actual house compared to a dorm room. An apartment would be complete with all the facilities you need: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and separate bedrooms if you can get a nice apartment.
  • You will have freedom to live by your own rules. Unlike dorms which has rules such as curfews and visiting hours, you can do anything you want in your apartment. There will be no rules to follow but your own

Living in an apartment would be better for some, and there are many factors to consider. Just be sure that whatever you choose, make sure that it feels like home.